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Branding Eastern Nepal for tourism development

October 23 , 2019

Branding Eastern Nepal for tourism development

TAAN President Mr. Khum Bahadur Subedi conducted a meeting with representatives of Eastern region, namely Mr. Milan Dahal, Mr. Kushum Bhattarai and Mr. Bhola Main Dahal at the TAAN secretariat on 23 October 2019 to discuss about the prospect of promoting tourism in Eastern Nepal.

Mr. Milan Dahal stated about the recent initiative undertaken by the local community to promote Eastern destinations such as Jhapa, Dharan, Dhankuta, Kanchenjunga etc for short tours as well as longer trekking holidays.

"The culture and lifestyle of indigenous Meche, Satara and Santhal communities, the picturesque Shree Antu hill, Kichakbadh, Pathibhara, Mt. Kanchenjunga and white water rafting on Arun and Tamor Rivers are some of the major attractions of Eastern Nepal. The jungles in Jhapa are considered part of the rainforest of South East Asia. Jalthan Jungle in particular is home to rare vegetation, wetland, and endangered species such as Elephant and Crocodile. In addition the idea of travelling from Kechana (the lowest point in Nepal) to Kanchenjunga Base Camp at 5143m can alone be a key product for tourism promotion in East Nepal," informed Dahal.

Mr. Khusum Bhattarai said that the local community are very enthusiastic about developing tourism in the region. He further said, "Local tourist committees have been formed and consultation is taking place with local government for tourism promotion. Tour and trek programs featuring various local attractions of Eastern Nepal are under preparation. We will soon organize a familiarization trip comprising representatives from different tourism related association, Nepal Tourism Board and media."    

Thanking the representatives for their visit to the Secretariat, President Subedi assured the team of TAAN's full support in developing tourism potential of Eastern Nepal. He underlined TAAN's focus on promoting remote and less popular tourism destinations such as those in Eastern and Western Nepal. "Being the largest tourism association in Nepal, TAAN is ready to work closely with local community in identifying and promoting major attractions of Eastern Nepal. All concerned stakeholders must work towards branding East Nepal along with a consistent and relentless efforts on the part of locals in its promotion and marketing