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TAAN Organized Hiking to Indra Daha

September 28 , 2019

TAAN Organized Hiking to Indra Daha

On the occasion of World Tourism Day, Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) with the support of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and Chadragiri Rural Municipality ward no. 1, organized a hiking program to Indra Daha Chowk with the global theme: “Tourism and Jobs – A Better Future to All” on 28 September 2019.

Chief Guest of the event Honorable Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Mr. Arun Prasad Nepal of Province no. 3 inaugurated the hiking at Syuchatar. Local inhabitants and Ama Samuha of Chadragiri Rural Municipality ward no. 13 welcomed Chief Guief, organizer and participants in their local cultural style.

A total of 200 participants including Government officials, representatives from Nepal Tourism Board, representatives from different tourism associations, general members of TAAN and tourism journalists participated in the hiking.

TAAN President Mr. Khum Bahadur Subdi expressed the potentiality of Indra Daha Chowk hiking destination in upcoming days. With the declaration of Visit Nepal 2020 campaign, the new hiking destination will support to promote the campaign. He added. Meanwhile, he stated that TAAN will be exploring new day hike destinations to make international and domestic tourists engage and enjoy the beautiful nature.


The coordinator of the hiking, Simbir Ghale acknowledged all the attendees who participated in the hiking and said that TAAN will be conducting such adventurous activities in near future as well.

TAAN issued Indra Daha Declaration with the commitment of bringing 1 million trekkers in the next three years.


The four hours of day hike started from Syuchatar passing through Purano Naikap Pani Tank –Drigung Kagyud Rinchan Polri monastery that lead to the most beautiful and amazing Switzerland Park with green scenery. After a very pleasing hike of Switzerland Park, hike proceed for a couple of hours through the jungle in steep slope to the Indra Daha. After a wonderful and captivating moment of great interest, hike lead to the most famous graveyard of chief commander Kalu Pandey, Indra Daha Pond and a popular pilgrim site for a visit.

The hike ended with a Special Nepali Khana and cultural performance at the top of the hill of Indra Daha Chowk. For the day with a short hike down to the Bhimdunga bus station ended back to the Sorakhutte.