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TAAN Delegation Presents Issues of Tourism Industry to DG of DoT

July 13 , 2018

TAAN Delegation Presents Issues of Tourism Industry to DG of DoT

Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) delegation led by the President Mr. Nava Raj Dahal congratulated the newly appointed Director General of Department of Tourism (DoT) Mr. Danduraj Ghimire and handed over the ten point of memorandum that includes ongoing issues faced by the Nepali tourism industry in general and the trekking sector in particular.

President Dahal voiced on the issues like expensive and double trekking permits and compulsion of at least two trekkers. Stating the illegal operation of trekking company results accidents like missing, death, harassments and so on, he requested DG to take an initiative to make guide and porter mandatory to trekkers who trek above 3000 m from the sea level. With the declaration of Visit 2020 by the Government, the mission to brining in 2 million tourists in 2020 A.D. the management of airport must be done wisely as tourists get harassed and face various problems. The meeting look into the issues and agendas of this sector; with possible recommendations for smooth service delivery at immigration during holidays at autumn season and issuing permit with the copy of passport or company’s required documents.

Meanwhile, the delegation also spoke about current issues of TIMS and requested to help for effective implementation of TIMS. The meeting also delved into the topic of rescue operation and deliberated on healthy tourism practice by ending all malpractices such as unwanted chopper-rescue, overcharge cases and alarming insurance issues as reported from the market. They enlightened upon expensive TAX and VAT charges saying that the business houses are not evading to pay but the expensive trekking packages affects the number of tourist.

Responding to the delegation, D.G. Ghimire explained his role upon creating a professional environment for tourism sector. Tourism being the only one potential business, he assured to bring into action the possible positive changes by interacting with tourism professionals. He highlighted upon code of conduct needed to be followed by tourism entrepreneurs along with quoted the effects of provinces charging for tourists. Ensuring to disseminate the solutions regarding letter handed over by TAAN, he lastly acknowledged TAAN delegation and anticipates more suggestion from their side.

The delegation includes Senior Vice- President Khum Bahadur Subedi, General Secretary Ang Pemba Sherpa, Treasurer Ramkrishna Timalsina and Executive Memebers Janga Bahadur Lama, Mahesh Budha Magar and Ram Bahadur Khadka. TAAN media officer Subina Manandhar and Photographer Pemba Sherpa were also the part of the delegation.