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TAAN Takes Initiative to Support Everest Expedition 2018

March 14 , 2018

TAAN Takes Initiative to Support Everest Expedition 2018

Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) visited Department of Tourism (DoT), Senior Division Engineering (S.D.E) Mr. Kosh Nath Adhikari with an agenda to recommend royalty fee and garbage fee free for a month to the 13 young Everest expedition team. 

TAAN President Mr. Nava Raj Dahal handed over the proposal to S.D.E Mr. Kosh Nath Adhikari stating that TAAN being an organization to facilitate trekking and mountaineering, TAAN will be supporting for the step taken by young Everest expedition team. TAAN submitted the proposal for 13 Everest summiteers who belong from different team having their own slogan and agenda to promote Nepalese tourism.

The first female Sherpa Journalist of Nepal Mt. Everest expedition – 2018 has agenda to contribute in achievement of National goal of women empowerment with promotion of Nepal's tourism nationally and internationally. Similarly, with a slogan “Women's     Confidence”, two other women are ready for their Everest Expedition. First Barista Expedition – 2018 with her purpose for serving hand-dip Coffee on the Top of the world. Likewise, with the slogan “Buddha was born in Nepal” two young women are ready for the expedition. Smiling Women Nepal Everest Expedition – 2018, is going for expedition with the motto “Cervical Cancer in Nepal”. Likewise, five team members from Female Journalist Everest Expedition, have their objective as Unified Voice for Equality and the youngest man from Magar Community to climb Mt. Everest -2018 with the slogan “Save Himalayas for safe future”.

S.D.E. Mr. Adhikari and Under Secretary Mr. Ram Prashad Sapkota were positive towards the proposal given by TAAN for supporting the team of Everest Expedition- 2018. They said that they will go through internal discussions as earliest.

TAAN is looking forward to hear positive result from Department of Tourism and Government authorities.

Along with President Dahal, General Secretary Ang Pemba Sherpa, Media Coordinator Gopal Shrestha, C.E.O Tek Bahadur Mahat, Media officer Subina Manandhar, Photographer Pemba Sherpa and team members from different team of Everest Expedition- 2018, namely Doma Sherpa, Yangi Sherpa, Lakpa Yangi Sherpa, Yangdi Sherpa, Chhoke Sherpa, Shramila Tamang and Narbin Magar were present at the meeting.