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TAAN Celebrated Joint- Lhosar Cultural Event in Relish

February 11 , 2018

TAAN Celebrated Joint- Lhosar Cultural Event in Relish

Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) celebrated a grand TAAN- Joint Lhosar Cultural Event on Sunday, 11th February, 2018 at Hotel Hyatt, Bouddha.

Lhosar, the new year of different ethnic groups like Gurung, Tamang, Sherpa, Hyolmo and others have been celebrated jointly by TAAN since a long time. Lhosar being a festival of Buddhist, there are 12 different animals celebrated in a year. This year, Lhosar is celeberated as a male dog year “Sa Fo Khi Lo”. Though these ethnic groups are celebrating Lhosar in different dates, TAAN organizes Joint- Lhosar Event annually in its calendar.

The Event kick- started inauguration by the Guest of Honor, the Former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) by lighting up the panas. Speaking at the occasion Guest of Honor, Mr. Dahal presented his gratitude to TAAN for organizing Joint- Lhosar Cultural Event. Saying “tourism being most important industry of Nepal, government will formulate new policies facilitating tourism entrepreneurs” President Dahal assured to plan and draw up the new flanged strategies to uplift Nepalese tourism.

TAAN General Secretary Ang Pemba Sherpa hosted the program. He said that the majority of the trekking entrepreneurs  being Sherpa, Gurung, Tamang, Holymo & others; TAAN has been celebrating Joint- Lhosar as a tourism product to preserve the Nepalese tradition and culture.

TAAN President Nava Raj Dahal welcomed the entire guest, member agencies and media person present at the event. President Dahal said “TAAN has been celebrating Joint- Lhosar since very long with major objectives to make it as a tourism package. He enlightened to preserve and sustain the culture and tradition of Nepal by promoting the Nepalese tourism in an international arena.” Speaking at the occasion, Dhal highlighted key points facing in tourism industry. Trekking entrepreneurs are facing many hurdles due to the illegal trekking operators. The trekkers without guide and porter have affected the Nepalese tourism business, as accidents and missing cases arises. It will also generate employment opportunity in Nepal if guide and porter are made mandatory during trekking. Similarly, he raised his voice upon expensive & double permit fees. Likewise, he asserted the effective and smooth operation of TIMS. He also articulated the security of airport. Thus, he stated that Nepal is capable to educe 50 lakhs tourist by administering quality service.

Closing the event, the event coordinator Ritu Gyamdan stated that Nepal, a multicultural country can preserve its culture and tradition to promote and prosper Nepalese Adventure tourism. “TAAN has been organizing and celebrating Joint- Lhosar to make it as a national festival which will help to preserve Nepal’s timeless culture and tradition having friendly and brotherhood relationship among tourism entrepreneur.” She added. She lastly thanked all the guests, tourism associates, member agencies and media houses for their over whelming participation to make the Joint- Lhosar a grand event.

The cultural performance by the representatives from the communities – Gurung, Tamang, Sherpa, Holymo and Magar along with other popular Nepalese Artist – Mausam Gurung, Himal Ghale, Milan Lama, Raju Master, Balchi Dhurbe, Gombu Sherpa, Bhumika Giri, Mahadev Tripathi, Pawan Lama, Rajesh Thapaliya, Rashmi Tamang along others foreground the event.


TAAN- Joint Lhosar Event has been supported and sponsored by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), NIC Asia Bank, San Miguel Beer, Himalayan Airlines, Altitude Air, Norvic International Hospital, VIP Restaurant Lounge Bar, Ratna International Tours & Travel.

Likewise, other sponsors are Rupakot Resort, Flight Connection, Ganesh Himal Tourism Development Committee, Mega Bank, Himalayan River Fun resort, Hotel Green Park, Kathmandu Garden Home, Kapa Organic Farm house, Sagarmatha Tent- Tarpouline, Precious Travel, Chandragiti Hills, Digo Paryatan Sahakari, Peak Promotion Trade, Swacon International Hospital, Simrik Air, Shristi Group, Global International Travel, Alliance Treks & Expedition, Bhojan Bhumi, NMB Bank, Wilderness River Treks and Super Luxurious bus.