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TAAN Delegation Visits MoCTCA Ministry

January 28 , 2018

TAAN Delegation Visits MoCTCA Ministry

KATHMANDU, January 28: A delegation from Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal visited Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) Minister, Jitendra Narayan Dev with a view to apprise issues and obstacles in tourism industry.  

The delegation, which was led by TAAN President Nava Raj Dahal handed over a 13-point memorandum to the Minister Dev advocating for quiet diplomacy with an emphasis on development and welfare of mountain tourism. The delegation also had a brief introductory program with the Minister.

A highlight of the visit was a debate upon hazard facing by trekking entrepreneurs due to illegal operation of trekking business and various obstacles.  

The primary topics of discussion included: (i) Illegal operation of trekking business; (ii) Taking porter & guide as mandatory while trekking; (iii) Double and expensive permit fees; (iv) Practicing TAX & VAT invoices during trekking; (v) Prospective plans to cut off entry fees and operate TIMS in an effective way; (vi) Reopening TIMS check post at Khumbu Pasang Rural Municipality; (vii) Funds raising for environment conservation & protection of garbage disposal system; (viii) Proper management at airport; (ix) Granting permit to trekkers by presenting a copy of passport, also making the copy of TAAN Membership certificate mandatory and demand companies’ document in yearly basis; (x)collecting permit fees from the department meanwhile bank are closed; (xi) Distributing mountaineering certificate to foreign citizens; (xii) Systematic management of tourist bus park; (xiii) Involvement of tourist police at various touristic places.

During the visit, Minister Jitendra Narayan Dev was very positive towards the issues presented by the delegation on behalf of all trekking entrepreneurs. He assured to work genuinely for the easy going and benefits of tourism business to promote and develop Nepalese tourism industry.

Along with President Dahal, Senior Vice- President Khum Bahadur Subedi, First Vice- President Jeeban Thapa Magar, General Secretary Ang Pemba Sherpa, Treasurer Ramkrishna Timalsina, Members Gopal Shrestha, Ram Bahadur Khadka, Jeevan Lama, Mahesh Kumar Budha, Baburam Gurung, P.K. Sherpa, Chandra Gurung, Suk Bahadur Lama, Surya Bahadur Bhetwal, C.E.O. Tek Bahadur Mahat and Media Officer Subina Manandhar were present at the delegation.