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Nepal promoted in different US cities

March 23 , 2016

Nepal promoted in different US cities

Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN) has completed its Nepal promotion campaign in five US citieis – Dallas, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

TAAN has been participating in Travel & Adventure Show organized in different US cities on a regular basis for the past three years. TAAN Executive Member Dambar Adhikari led TAAN's delegation in Travel & Adventure Show in Dallas, while Executive Member Pemba Sherpa 'Sangam' was the leader of TAAN's delegation in Washington DC. Similarly, Ngawa Ngima Sherpa, who is also the coordination of Nepal Promotion & Exhibition Department, led the delegation to Los Angeles, while Executive Member Dawa Sherpa represented TAAN In Travel & Adventure Show Philadelphia.

L N Treks & Expedition, Himalayan Yak Trek & Adventure, Exciting Nepal Treks, Adventure Discovery Treks, Corsa Nepal Adventure, Kailash Journeys and Himalayas on Foot participated in Travel & Advneture Show Dallas.

Similarly, Himalayan Friends Trekking and Holy Sherpa Vision Treks participated in Travel & Adventure Show in Chicago. TAAN member companies Himalayan Shangrila Treks and Chomolhari Pilgrimage Trekking participated in Travel & Adventure Show Washington DC. Likewise, Hike Nepal, The Asia Adventure and South Asian Trekking participated in Travel & Adventure Show Los Angeles.

TAAN delegation distributed posters and pamphlets about Nepali tourism products and services as well as informed visitors and buyers that tourism in Nepal is back on track after the earthquakes of 2015 and border obstructions.

According to Dambar Bahadur Adhikari, coordinator of TAAN's delegation to Dallas, most of the visitors wanted to know whether Nepal was safe for tourists. "We told them that only few areas were affected by the earthquake and tourism activities are going on as usual in Nepal," he added.

Similarly, Pemba Sherpa, the leader of TAAN's delegation to Washington DC, said he promoted Nepal as a destination for organic tourism. "This is a new thing in world tourism. I informed the visitors that we are already trying this thing in Nepal. They were quite impressed," he said, adding that he also requested foreigners to help in Nepal's recovery by visiting the country. "I found many visitors who were eager to help Nepal to promote sustainable tourism."

Likewise, Ngawa Ngima Sherpa, leader of TAAN's delegation to Los Angeles, said most of the queries were related to post-quake Nepal and the ongoing reconstruction works. "I informed visitors and buyers at the expo that only a few areas were affected by the earthquake and that Nepal is ready to welcome foreign tourists," he added.

Dawa Lama Tamng, who led TAAN in Travel & Adventure Show Philadelphia, said he informed visitors that they could help Nepal by trekking to the country. "I promoted 'Rebuild Nepal Trek' campaign in the US city. I also informed them that tourism is already back on track," he added.