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Journalism, photography training for trekking guides begins

September 17 , 2014

Journalism, photography training for trekking guides begins

A four-day ‘Basic Journalism and Photography Training for Trekking Guides’ kicked off at TAAN Secretariat in Maligaun on Sunday.

A total of 25 trekking guides affiliated with different member agencies of Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) are participating in the training. TAAN is organizing the training to enhance professionalism of trekking guides and use them as a source of information.

Inaugurating the training, Kami Rinji Sherpa, first vice president of TAAN, said the training is yet another attempt of TAAN to enhance professionalism of people involved in the trekking industry. “We want to use trekking guides, who reach different trekking areas of the country, as source of information. This would help us relay information to concerned stakeholders should anything happen on trekking routes,” he added.

Similarly, TAAN General Secretary Sagar Pandey said TAAN aims to make good use of hundreds of trekking guides, who reach different parts of the country, by imparting necessary trainings. “We have to depend on secondary source of information, which is not always true, if any untoward incidents happen in trekking routes,” Pandey said, adding: “By providing necessary training to trekking guides, we hope to get correct and factual information.”

Nilhari Bastola, coordinator of TAAN’s Media and Communications Department, said the participants of the training would help TAAN in collection of information from different trekking areas in the country. “Upon completion of the training, we expect our trekking guides to provide us firsthand information if anything happens in trekking routes. This would help TAAN take appropriate decision in time,” Bastola said, adding, “If we become successful in meeting the objectives, we will organize similar trainings in future as well.”