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Interaction on TIMS, NTB restructuring held

July 18 , 2014

Interaction on TIMS, NTB restructuring held

Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN) on Thursday organized an interaction with its member agencies on two important issues – restructuring of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and Trekkers' Information Management System (TIMS).

Around 300 member agencies of TAAN and representatives from TAAN Pokhara participated in the program.

The participants were also asked to fill a questionnaire on TIMS and NTB restructuring. TAAN will study the questionnaire and prepare a report soon. The report will be duly shared with all the members.

TAAN President Ramesh Dhamala chaired the program while general secretary Sagar Pandey facilitated the interaction.

Speaking on the occasion, member agencies said NTB, which was established 15 years ago, was in need of restructuring as per the changed context and changing trend in international tourism market.

The debate for restructuring of NTB is doing rounds in the tourism industry for the past many years. The government has formed several study committees for the purpose. But the suggestions of such committees have not been implemented.

Similarly, trekking entrepreneurs have long been demanding with TAAN to change the existing modality for implementation of TIMS in such a way that it controls illegal operation of trekking business.

TAAN also plans to hand over the outcomes of the interaction to a committee formed by the tourism ministry to suggest measures for restructuring of NTB. Similarly, it will lobby with the government for implementation of TIMS as per the suggestions given by the member agencies.