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Transport syndicate on Beni-Jomsom road broken finally

July 03 , 2014

Transport syndicate on Beni-Jomsom road broken finally

Are you planning to visit Mustang in a private vehicle or a hired jeep? If yes, you can now be sure that there will not be any disturbances during the journey like in the past. If you face any disturbance, the regional administration will immediately swing into action.

The Western Regional Administration Office has finally managed to break the syndicate on the 75-kilometer Beni-Jomsom road enforced by the local transport entrepreneurs. Now onwards, one can drive their vehicles on the road without any obstacles. The office has said it would take immediate action if anyone obstructs movement of vehicles on the road.

“If anyone obstructs movement of vehicles on the road, we will not call them for negotiation like in the past. We will immediately initiate legal action against them,” Karki said, “This is not a private road. No one has the authority to create disturbance on public road.”

The office has directed local administration to do the needful for ensuring smooth movement of vehicles on the road.

Now onwards, passengers needn´t change vehicles between Beni and Jomsom. Earlier, they had to change vehicles at Ghasa.

“We will immediate action against those collecting excessive fare or creating problem to passengers. If passengers are disembarked from private vehicles and forced to board local vehicles, those involved in such act will be dealt with seriously,” he added.

Karki, who was recently appointed as Western Regional Administrator, said his first priority was to end the transporters´ syndicate on Beni-Jomsom road.

“I will not allow anyone to enforce syndicate system on public roads as I am aware of the consequences of such system," added Karki. He assured that any type of vehicles can ply the Beni-Jomson road now onwards.

The Western Regional Administration Office is also doing necessary homework for determining the standards for tourist vehicles. It is having discussion with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation on whether tourist vehicles need to get route permit like other vehicles and whether tourist vehicles registered before 2012 need to follow standards issued in 2012.

The office has fixed fare on Beni-Jomsom road at Rs 800 on temporary basis. It has asked Dhaulagiri Transportation Management Committee to fix new fare by mid-August.

Earlier, local transport entrepreneurs were charging arbitrary fares. They also used to charge fare from passengers traveling in tourist vehicles.

Local transport entrepreneurs are also positive about fixing new fare. “Local transport entrepreneurs have expressed commitment to not obstruct movement of private vehicles on Beni-Jomsom road,” Madhu Karanjit, officiating chief of the committee, said.

via Republica Daily