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United Lhosar held with great fanfare and rejoicing

February 23 , 2014

United Lhosar held with great fanfare and rejoicing

Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) organized United Lhosar 2014 at The Shanker Hotel in Lazimpat on February 17.

TAAN has been organizing United Lhosar festival every year to celebrate Lhosar. Lhosar is the New Year festival of three major communities living in mountainous and hilly areas – Gurung, Tamang and Sherpa.

The program saw participation of ministers, former ministers, CA members, high-ranking government officials, industry leaders, tourism entrepreneurs, media persons as well as office-bearers, executive members and staff members of TAAN.

Representatives of all three communities – Gurung, Tamang and Sherpa – welcomed guests by offering khada and traditional drinks.

Welcoming the guests, TAAN President Ramesh Dhamala said the main objective of organizing United Lhosar festival is to preserve our timeless culture and tradition and enhances friendly relations among tourism entrepreneurs. “The executive committee of TAAN is focused on three aspects – product development, marketing of the products at domestic and international level, and assisting the government in formulation of supportive rules and policies for the tourism industry, particularly the trekking sector,” he said, adding, “We seek solidarity among private sector so that we can have a common stand on issues related to tourism sector.”

Incumbent Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat as well as former ministers Bal Bahadur KC, Surendra Pandey, Dinanath Sharma and tourism secretary Sushil Ghimire, among others, were also present in the occasion.

Presiding over the inauguration program, TAAN General Secretary Sagar Pandey thanked all the dignitaries for encouraging TAAN by accepting the association’s invitation. “TAAN has been celebrating Lhosar festival by organizing various programs for the past two and half decades. The main objective of organizing this festival is to preserve our cultural attractions and promote them as a tourism product in international arena,” he said.

Cultural program began right after the conclusion of the inauguration program. Artistes presented traditional songs and dances of Tamang, Gurung and Sherpa community. The fanfare and rejoicing continued till late in the evening.