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TAAN to explore Humla

April 01 , 2013

TAAN to explore Humla

A team of Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) is leaving for Nepalgunj on April 2 to explore new trekking routes in Humla district.

The seven-member team led by Rana Bahadur Khadka, 1st vice president of TAAN, includes videographer, report writer, photographer and cartographer. A 19-member group will provide logistics support to the exploration team. 

The team will fly to Simikot airstrip from Nepalgunj and start trek toward Hilsa – the bordering town along Nepal-China border. Then it will enter Mugu district and return to Nepalgunj via Talcha airstrip. The trip is expected to be completed in 23 days.

“We are exploring new side trails for the Great Himalaya Trail. We will explore and recommend a new trekking itinerary for the Humla-Mugu region,” Khadka said. “We will also prepare map of the area plus a documentary trip to promote the area.”

The exploration trip is organized by TAAN and supported by GHT Development Program under the SNV Nepal.

“We will also hold interactions with local stakeholders in the area. These interactions will help us get feedback and suggestions from the locals,” he added.

TAAN has been organizing a series of exploration trips in recent years. Last year, it explored Lumba-Sumba area in the Kanchanjunga region, Lower Manaslu in the Manaslu region and Dolpo in the mid-western region.