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Mustang among top 3 regions to travel in 2013

January 07 , 2013

Mustang among top 3 regions to travel in 2013

Popular travel guidebook Lonely Planet has included Mustang among the top three regions to travel in 2013.

Earlier, Lonely Plant had featured Nepal as one of the top ten Best Value Destinations for 2013.

“It is a last chance to see this ´forbidden kingdom´ as the completion of a road connection Mustang to China in the north and the rest of Nepal to the south will make all the difference to this remote region,” Lonely Planet states.

In Best Value Destinations 2013, Lonely Plant had earlier said that with number of visitors steadily rising, Nepal remains a tremendous option for budget travelers. It had said that travelers in Nepal can live on the price of a Starbucks latte or two.

Despite being the cheapest destination, the travel guidebook acknowledged that Nepal is the best-value spot for Himalayan hiking and is definitely a contender for offering the most astonishing rewards for the least upfront investment of anywhere in the world.

As Lonely Planet serves as the most referred travel guidebook by tourists worldwide, inclusion of Nepal in two of its popular categories is expected to carve a distinct impact in the country´s tourism industry.

Other destinations that feature in Lonely Planet´s Best in Travel 2013 list are Corsica (France), The Negev (Israel), The Kuon (Canada), Chachapoyas and Kuelap (Peru), The Gulf Coast (USA), Carinthia (Austria), Palawan (the Philippines), Inland Sea (Japan), and Campania (Italy).