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TAAN participates in Lamjung honey hunting festival

November 25 , 2012

TAAN participates in Lamjung honey hunting festival

A 17-member delegation of Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) participated in a honey hunting festival organized in Ghanpokhara VDC of Lamjung district on November 22.

TAAN participated in the event as the association has for the past many years been trying to promote Ghalegaun-Ghanpokhara among local and foreign tourists. Honey hunting one of the important events in the area. The association is also studying the prospects of including honey hunting and canyoning in trekking packages in Lamjung.

The event, which saw participation of more than 100 people, was organized in Ward No. 8 of Ghanapokhara. It was organized jointly by Beekeepers Association, Lamjung; District Development Committee, Lamjung; Mother’s Group of Ghanpokhara; District Agricultural Development Office, Lamjung and Lamjung Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The honey hunting site in Ghanpokhara-8 can be reached after a trek of two and half hours from nearest motorable road near Ghimrang. There are many honey hunting sites in and around this Gurung village.

Honey hunting has been one of the important sources of livelihood for the people of Ghalegaun and Ghanpokhara. The locals use indigenous techniques to collect honeycombs from steep cliffs. October-November in winter and April-May in summer are considered the main seasons for honey harvesting. In recent years, the locals have been trying to develop honey hunting as a tourism product. A significant chunk of honey, which is believed to posses medicinal values, harvested in the village is exported to different international markets, according to the locals.

Speaking on the occasion, Lamjung CDO Baburam Bhandari said the event could draw many local and foreign tourists if a calendar of events is made and publicized beforehand. “Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) can help you in publicizing the event,” Bhandari said.

TAAN President Mahendra Singh Thapa said though honey hunting is being practiced using native techniques, efforts should be made to make the process technically sound so as to avoid casualties.

Meanwhile, Sunar Bahadur Gurung, a renowned mountain guide and a goodwill ambassador of Gorkha district, provided rock climbing ropes to the honey hunters so that they can harvest honey in a safer way. “We are ready to give local hunters rock climbing training if needed,” he added.

Bachchu Narayan Shrestha of Great Himalaya Trail Development Program/SNV Nepal also participated in the program. TAAN and SNV Nepal have been exploring and developing trekking trails along the Great Himalaya Trail.

Along with President Thapa, Senior Vice President Jangbu Sherpa, 2nd Vice President Amber Tamang, General Secretary Mohan Lamsal, Secretary D B Gurung, Treasurer Anjan Thapa and executive members Gopal Babu Shrestha and Nima Lama, CEO Gangasagar Pant along with TAAN staffers participated in the festival.