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Himalayan Shangrila Treks Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Organization Name: Himalayan Shangrila Treks Nepal Pvt. Ltd
Reg. No: 175066/074/075
Vat No: 606885025
Address: 231/85 Anandnagar marga, Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu, Nepal
Country: Nepal
Website URL:
Telephone number: 977-01-4429595
Mobile number: 9851162354
Key person: Ashok Kumar Sah
Designation: Managing Director
Establishment date: 2075-04-16
Shareholders: Ashok Kumar Sah

Short profile

Himalayan Shangrila Treks Nepal is a new trekking company that will provide high-quality service to its clients. Himalayan Shangrila Treks Nepal is scheduled to begin operation from summer 2018. Himalayan Shangrila Treks Nepal is owned by Ashok Sah. Ashok Sah is also own Yantra Yours & Travel which is in operation since 2010. Ashok Sah is an active Tour/ Trekking guide working full time in the travel business since 2002. Himalayan Shangrila Treks Nepal will target medium budget travelers from United States of America, Europe, and Asia, basically, those who like mountains trek up to basecamps of high altitude mountains and hike through mountain villages covering cultural heritage tours. Mr. Ashok Sah has recognized that there is a high demand of cultural trek in the Himalayan region due to its vast diversity. Ashok Sah has determined that most of the trekking company does not have the capacity as well as the vision to focus on such field therefor Himalayan Shangril Treks Nepal has initially set the stage as a possible go-to company for other professional trekking Agencies that don’t have this capacity. The primary objective of Himalayan Shangrila Treks Nepal over the next year are to: Obtain commercial financing of $10,000 to cover startup cost and initial operating expenses. Create at least one group of trekkers/Travelers every month by advertising on electronic media like Google, Facebook, and Twitter etc. Generate a net profit of $ 20,000 in this year of operation by serving trekkers & travelers and keeping overhead cost to a minimum; Support and follow an eco-friendly environment for sustainable tourism. Himalayan Shangrila Treks Nepal will be located at 231/85, Anandnagar Marg Dhumbarahi Kathmandu-4, Nepal. The office space is leased and will accommodate the necessary office equipment such as computers, fax machines, Photocopier and other necessary equipment and stationary materials. The Himalayan Shangrila treks Nepal will be available on the Internet under hostname WWW.HIMALAYANSHANGRILA.COM Himalayan Shangrila Treks Nepal’s mission statement is to: Become a leader in trekking/ traveling business by providing our clients with a solid service that will bring pleasure same time save both time and money.