Nepal for all seasons

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Authentic Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

Organization Name: Authentic Adventures Pvt. Ltd.
Reg. No: 81028/067/068
Vat No: 304915347
Address: Z Street, Thamel, Kathmandu
Country: Nepal
Website URL:,
Telephone number: +977-1-4701470
Mobile number: 9851111907, 9806600888
P.O. Box No: 19905
Key person: Bhuwan Shrestha
Designation: MD

Short profile

Authentic Adventures is a government-licensed agency dedicated to provide travelers with authentic experiences while trekking and touring in Nepal. We are a small group of experts specializing in travel services based on field experience, quality service and efficiency. Our previous experiences have given us a deep insight into what ‘Tourism in Nepal’ really is. We have developed and fine-tuned strategies and plans accordingly to provide personalized service and guarantee full satisfaction to our valued customers. We have highly experienced, government-licensed and charming guides and staff to assure you of an authentic Nepal experience. We are an elite team of experienced and dedicated professionals specializing in trekking, peak climbing and many other adventure activities. We offer trekking, peak climbing, day hikes, sightseeing tours and other travel related services in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We customize your travel packages based on your interest and requirements. It would be a great pleasure to create a travel adventure for you that is not only safe and fun but also beyond your expectation and imagination, one that you can barely forget in your lifetime. We are based in Kathmandu having our office in downtown Thamel. We are open throughout the week and always enthusiastic in meeting new people from different corners of the globe to offer the finest Nepalese hospitality and a wonderful Himalayan experience. We are very keen in promoting the Nepalese tourism to the better height and always aware in the quality of the services we provide. Nepal is our country. We love it and we hope to see people enjoy and love it as well as fulfill their responsibilities to the environment. We are environmentally conscious and believe in Eco-friendly tourism.