Nepal for all seasons

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ABC And EBC Nepal Trekking Adventure Pvt. Ltd.

Organization Name: ABC And EBC Nepal Trekking Adventure Pvt. Ltd.
Reg. No: 154322/073/74
Vat No: 604309929
Address: Pokhara, Nepal
Country: Nepal
Website URL:
Telephone number: +977-61-467525
Mobile number: 9817163085 / 9856073085
Key person: Nawaraj Shrestha
Designation: Managing Director
Shareholders: Nawaraj Shrestha

Short profile

Trekking in splendor of the high Himalayas, as we discover and enjoy exciting beauty with incomparable diversified culture where you can stay far from the stress of everyday life and focus instead on the wonders of reality around you is an ultimate dream of each individual. We at ABC and EBC Nepal Trekking Adventures Pvt. Ltd are set with the mission to provide you amazing opportunities to make your holiday dreams come true – whether it’s a trail passing through ivory snows, jaded forests and blossoms of Rhododendrons, or enjoying breathtaking views of the Himalayas; we offer you remarkable vacations to remember throughout life. This is what God’s gift of nature is all about…. And so was born a Vision with a Mission.