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TAAN 1st VP and CEO attended Workshop in Thailand

April 02 , 2017

TAAN 1st VP and CEO attended Workshop in Thailand

Mr. Tej B Gurung, 1st Vice President of TAAN and Tek B Mahat, CEO of TAAN attended the program titled ‘ Interpretation for Tourist Guides in World Heritage Sites for ASEAN and South Asia Countries held at The Berkeley Hotel, Pratunam,Bangkok, Thailand from 28 to 30 March, 2017.
The Department of Tourism and Sports, Thailand invited the the duo and Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation nominated them in the recommendation of TAAN. 

The three day program was inaugurated by Ms. Chanjira Chantanajulaka, Department Secretary of Department of Tourism, Thailand.

The event dealt on the issues of  protecting world heritage sites having Outstanding Universal Values. 

The one-day field trip was organized at Ayutthaya, the former capital of Thailand which gives a living pictures of century old socio-cultural, geo-political and people to people relation through arts, culture and ruins holding archaeological importance.  

1st Vice President Mr. Tej Gurung said that the program was fruitful to them since Nepal holds important sites enlisted into World Heritage Sites which draws thousands of tourists from various countries. Also, he proposed to hold such programs in other nations in turn to promote the trend of conference tourism and promote home stay in regional site so as to contribute to local stakeholders.

CEO Mahat was of the opinion that such an assembly helped highlight Nepal and their presence was strong enough to put forth our agenda for national development through tourism as they discussed such issues among them.