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TAAN organizes gathering of former office-bearers, EC members

August 24 , 2016

TAAN organizes gathering of former office-bearers, EC members

Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN) recently organized a Special Gathering of former presidents, office-bearers and executive members regarding formation of an Advisory Council for the association.

Founding President Ambica Shrestha, former presidents J B Singh, R P Pant, Suman Pandey, Deepak Mahat and Jyoti Adhikari, former office-bearers and executive members were present in the meeting.

Welcoming the former office-bearers and executive committee members, TAAN Secretary Mukti Pandey said TAAN, which was established in 1979, has come to this stage because of tireless works and contribution of former office-bearers and executive committee members. "We are very pleased to have you here under one roof, as our guardian," he said, adding: "We have proposed to form an Advisory Council to establish linkage with our former office-bearers and executive committee members and to learn from their experience."

TAAN also introduced its new CEO Tek Bahadur Mahat to the former presidents, office-bearers and executive committee members. Speaking at the program, Mahat said he would accomplish tasks assigned to him in a most professional manner. "I need your guidance, support and cooperation to new heights," he said at the program.  

At the program, TAAN President Chandra Prasad Rijal handed over token of love to all former presidents, office-bearers and executive committee members.

Speaking at the program, President Rijal said TAAN has arrived at this stage because of hard efforts put by former office-bearers and executive committee members. "We need your support, cooperation and guidance to take TAAN forward. Your experience is our valuable assets and we want to use that to develop TAAN into a professional tourism body in the country," added Rijal.

TAAN 1st Vice President and Coordinator of the Special Gathering Organizing Committee, Tej Bahadur Gurung, made a presentation on the concept paper of the proposed Advisory Council.

However, all the former vice presidents suggested TAAN to move ahead by making advisory committee, as provisioned in TAAN Statute, active instead of forming a jumbo advisory council. 

Former President Jyoti Adhikari said developing TAAN as a professional body is more important than forming a jumbo advisory council. "TAAN is heavily politicized. We should all take blame for this. It should be corrected now," he said, suggesting TAAN to focus on its core objectives rather than working on development projects for the sake of publicity. He appreciated TAAN Executive Committee's willingness to seek suggestions and guidance from the past office-bearers and executive committee members.

Another Former President Deepak Mahat said it won't be wise to form a jumbo advisory council. "My suggestion is please make the advisory committee as provisioned in TAAN Statute active. Advisory Council of the size you have proposed might look good on paper but it won't be good practical," he said. Stating that various anomalies have been seen after TAAN started getting resources from TIMS fund, Mahat suggested to the executive committee to allocate funds wisely.

Similarly, another Former President Suman Pandey said association of the size of TAAN should have the caliber to lead the industry. "But I have felt that TAAN is deviating from its core objectives in recent years. I suggest you to first set priorities and work accordingly," he added. Stating that having political affiliation is not bad, he suggested the present office-bearers and executive members to make optimum use of such connections for the well-being of TAAN. He also said a jumbo Advisory Council won't be of much help to TAAN.

Former President R P Pant said TAAN a jumbo team of advisors will only hamper daily works of TAAN. "You are competent enough to lead this association, you don't need a big team of advisors," he said, adding: "A small team of advisors would do." He also said TAAN should work do create business doing environment for its member agencies. "You should make sure that all your member agencies are getting food business," he added.

Likewise, Former President J B Singh suggested the TAAN leadership to tackle burning issues of the industry instead of forming a jumbo team of advisors. "Many small companies are at the receiving end of price undercutting. Growing number of FITs is creating threats on trekking business. You should work to tackle these issues," he added. "If you want to form an advisory team, include former presidents and general secretaries only. A big team is not the solution."

Founding President Ambica Shrestha thanked the executive committee for remembering her. "You don't need a big advisory committee. Just invite us, if you want our suggestions and guidance. We will be happy to help you," she said, urging the TAAN executive committee to stick to its core objectives. "Our trekking packages are becoming cheaper and trekkers are returning money that they intended to spend here. Please make them go empty-handed," she added. Stating that the incidents of trekkers going missing were on the rise, she suggested TAAN to lobby for putting a ban on FITs.

TAAN General Secretary Kana Bahadur Lama, who emceed the program, said thanked former presidents, office-bearers and executive members for their contribution in bringing TAAN to this stage. "It is the first time in the history of TAAN that a program of this kind has been organized. Please share us with your programs and visions that could not be implemented during your tenure. We will spare no effort to implement them," he added.    

Delivering his vote of thanks, TAAN Treasurer Lila Baldab Dahal 'Kaka' said some problem has been seen in management of funds as TAAN has not been able to get its share from the TIMS fund. "I request all our office-bearers to use their political connections for securing release of the fund," he said, thanking all former presidents, office-bearers and executive members for accepting their invitation and participating in the special gathering.