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First aid training for trekking guides concludes

March 01 , 2016

First aid training for trekking guides concludes

Participants pose for a group photo after conclusion of the training on Monday.

A two-day training on 'Mountain Sickness and First Aid Basics' for trekking guides concluded on Monday.

Altogether 26 trekking guides affiliated with different member agencies of Trekking Agencies' Association of (TAAN) participated in the training. TAAN organized the training as part of its program to develop trained and skilful workforce for the trekking sector.

TAAN President Chandra Prasad Rijal handed over 'Certificate of Participation' to all the participants on Monday. Speaking at the program, Rijal said knowledge about mountain medicine and first aid basics is very important while operating groups in mountain areas. "When you lead a group, you have to take care of your guests' every need. I am hopeful that this training has equipped you with knowledge and skills about acute mountain sickness as well as ways to deal with the situation," he added.

Speaking on behalf of the participants, Santa Kumar Chaudhary, a trekking guide affiliated with Apex Nepal Treks, said the training was very fruitful. "We got opportunity to learn so many things in such a short period. This training is necessary not only for trekking guides, but for all," he said, adding that they will implement in practice what they learnt in the training while handling groups.

Specialists of Acute Mountain Sickness Dr Dinesh Dharel MBBS (TU, IOM), MD (TU, IOM) and Dr Santosh Timalsina MBBS (TU, IOM), MD (TU, IOM) conducted the training. The training covered

The training had sessions on Concept of First Aid and Triage; Your role as First Aider; Preparations and Commonly Encountered Problems During Treks; Acute Mountain Sickness, its Prevention and Management; Frost Bite, Blisters, Eyes and Skin Care; and Basic Life Support (Theory and Demonstration), Soft Tissue Injuries and Bleeding (Theory and Demonstration); and Fracture (Theory and Demonstration of Immobilization Techniques). Similarly, there were practice sessions on Basic Life Support; Fracture (Immobilization, Log roll); and other miscellaneous topics like bleeding control, wound care, water purification, management of mountain sickness.

TAAN General Secretary Karna Bahadur Lama, Training & HR Coordinator Shital Chandra Dharel, and TIMS Coordinator Taranath Lamichhane were also present at concluding ceremony.