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Travel trade sector against bandh

February 09 , 2006

Travel trade sector against bandh

The people involved in the travel trade sector have called upon all concerned to put a permanent ban on bandhs and closures, as these forms of protest are detrimental to the national economy.

Speaking at an interaction programme organised on February 5, 2006 in the capital city, they also called on one and all to defy bandhs from now onwards.

Tek Bahadur Dangi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), said that a bandh takes a very heavy toll on the tourism sector. "Considering its adverse impact on the travel trade sector, we must collectively prohibit such activities," he said. He also strongly urged the Maoists to withdraw the bandh immediately. According to him, tourism was picking up pace in recent days. But, the bandh has dealt a severe blow to all the positive developments.

President of Nepal Association of Rafting Agents (NARA) Surya Joshi called on all the political forces in the country to understand the negative impact of bandhs on the tourism industry. "Bandhs do not help solve the problems, rather than they aggravate them," Joshi said.

President of Tourist Guides Association of Nepal (TURGAN) Bishnu Gyanwali said the tourism sector has become the ultimate victim of bandhs and conflict in the country. "Thousands of jobs have been threatened by such bandhs. This situation must end now," he said. Similarly, political party leaders and human rights activists have emphasised the need for calling off the ongoing bandh that has paralysed general life across the country.