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Visitor arrivals shot up by 18.5% in December

February 09 , 2006

Visitor arrivals shot up by 18.5% in December

Visitor arrivals shot up by 18.5% in December Nepal witnessed an increase of tourist arrivals by 18.5 per cent as compared to the corresponding month of 2004.

According to Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), both Indian and non-Indian markets segments increased by 13.4 per cent and 22.1 per cent respectively.

Including India, growth for the month came from all the Asian markets, except Taiwan (-23 per cent). From the Asian segment, Japan (64.5 per cent), Bangladesh (89.1 per cent) and China (154.3 per cent) recorded strong growths while substantial gains were obtained from South East Asian markets.

The European market recorded a 2.5 per cent growth with arrival numbers increasing from UK (6.5 per cent) and Germany (18.4 per cent). Spanish market shot up by 4.4 per cent. Arrivals were down from Australian market (-9.1 per cent) while American arrivals grew up (22.1 per cent).

The Dutch, French and Italian markets declined by -25.7 per cent, -6.7 per cent and Italian -11.8 per cent respectively.

Despite the encouraging arrivals during the last seven months of 2005, the total tourist arrivals recorded a marginal loss of 3.9 per cent.