Nepal for all seasons

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Luxury Holiday Trek Pvt. Ltd

Organization Name: Luxury Holiday Trek Pvt. Ltd
Reg. No: 152957073/074
Vat No: 604296278
Address: Nagarjun-01, Kathmandu
Country: Nepal
Website URL:
Telephone number: 9843254676
Mobile number: 9843254676/9813598326
P.O. Box No: 44600
Key person: Keshab Dhamala
Designation: Managing Director
Establishment date: 2074-04-23
Shareholders: Keshab Dhamala

Short profile

Luxury Holiday Treks (P) Ltd organise holidays for travellers both old and young in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. Plan your trip with us and discover adventure at a surprisingly affordable price. Whether it’s a personalised itinerary or a group package tour, we’ll handle all the details. We cater for all types of traveller – solo, couples, families or larger groups.