Nepal for all seasons

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DMT Adventure (P.) Ltd

Organization Name: DMT Adventure (P.) Ltd
Reg. No: 165643/073/074
Vat No: 605979079
Address: Handigaun-5, Kathmandu
Country: Nepal
Website URL:
Mobile number: 9851247929
Key person: Mandeep Dahal
Designation: Founder & CEO
Establishment date: 2075-09-29
Shareholders: Mandeep Dahal

Short profile

Inspired from the concept of DREAMTIME and its Great Stories; We are here to Explore this beautiful creation of nature of Dreamtime here in the Himalayas. DreaMTime is the Aboriginal (basically Australian Origin) understanding of the world, of it’s creation with the belief of it’s great stories and earth; and everything in it was made by the ancestral spirits. We here in the Himalayas also call “Nature spirits” like river, forest and mountain spirits as for Everest Chomolungma, which means “goddess mother of the Earth”, Mount Manaslu meaning “mountain of the spirit” and the list just goes on! With an intention of connecting people to the nature DMT ADVENTURE started its service in March 2017 focusing on Environment friendly, Sustainable, Adventure and Wellness Tourism throughout Nepal and the Himalayan Region. We are also an active corporate member of Travel Society providing Trekking, Tours and Adventure packages. DMT ADVENTURE (P.) LTD was started with a mission to provide an interactive exploration by making our client’s trip hassle-free creating an ease of a traveling option. Despite being a freshly established company providing its service since March 2017, we have highly experienced and innovative team members with us to deliver quality service from our aspiring Youth Team Members who have been working passionately to boost their skill and career. As the promoters of responsible travel, we offer big adventures with a small environmental impacts and our clear product goals along with vivid price range. While safety is core to how we operate, we are also focused on the fun factor and suitably challenging enough for you to reach that great experience of personal achievement while also enjoying the company of like-minded travelers. Inspired from the concept of DREAMTIME and its Great Stories; We are here to Explore this beautiful creation of the nature of Dreamtime here in the Himalayas.